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So out of curiosity, I looked up my Personality type and after reading through many of the types, I do not singularly fall into one personality type.

I am an introvert, but at a 60/30 ratio (introversion/extroversion), so there are days or moments when I am extroverted, but then fall back to…

You’re probably an ENFP.

Actually I obviously have no idea. But that’s my assumption based on this tumblr post. So, take that as you will.

I thought this was interesting. I’ve been working lately on trying to figure out INTJs. Actually, more specifically, the INTJs in my life.

I thought this was interesting. I’ve been working lately on trying to figure out INTJs. Actually, more specifically, the INTJs in my life.

My friend and I have decided to start a vlog/blog. We try not to ramble incoherently too much, but we apologize if we do.

More cool blogs to follow

"INFP Confessions"

INFJ Confession 149) I am simultaneously the warmest and most reserved person my friends know.

Some MBTI Thoughts and Ideas:
Also often a trait of INFPs.

INFJs and INFPs are capable of a deep well of caring that often goes unnoticed by others, as both of these types are very reserved in expressing emotion.


Jessica Brown-Findlay:

  • British television and film actress; performs the role of Lady Sybil in Downton Abbey. Stars in Albatross as Emelia.
  • Date of birth: September 14th, 1989.

"The thing I adore about acting is that it’s not me: you get to experience all these emotions, but essentially it’s not you."

Just some info in case you don’t know who she is. But then, why would you read this post if you don’t know who she is?

I also enjoy analyzing the types of celebrities. This is difficult, for when it comes to celebrities, the only information one can go off of is that gathered by reading biographies, quotes, watching interviews and documentaries. Any chance one gets to observe the person in question, he or she is always guarded for the camera. It is therefore difficult to understand how celebrities behave in an environment where they feel completely natural.

All this considered, I believe Jessica Brown-Findlay is an INFP. It is something I picked up on almost right away from watching interviews with her.

I’ll begin by listing some qualities of INFPs that I’ve noticed in JBF:

  1. Put people at ease.
  2. Present a calm and pleasant face to the world. (I don’t think I’ll really need to explain these first two, as they’re observable just by watching interviews).
  3. Perfectionist nature means they are hard on themselves and don’t give themselves enough credit.
  4. Referred to as “the idealist” or “the dreamer”. Tend to fantasize about themselves and others. Like the idea of escaping into a fantasy world.
  5. May become embarrassed when made the center of attention. May undersell their strengths to avoid being singled out.
  6. Think too much.
  7. They do not like to have rules imposed upon them, but are not likely to outwardly lash out against them. They appear submissive and even angelic on the outside, but feel rebellious within.

I will now attempt to use quotes and interviews as examples.

  • Don’t give themselves enough credit.
    "… my now agent had kept his ear to the ground and wondered who this strange, unknown idiot was wandering around trying to nail some massive role…” (Answering the question of how she broke into the industry. Modestly avoids suggestion that she was actually any good at acting.) []
  • I think it’s safe to say that all actors and actresses, to some extent, like the idea of escaping into a fantasy world; becoming somebody else.
    "The first time I ever went on a set it was surreal, ‘cause having avidly watched sort of, you know, features or, you know, DVD extras and all these things and just always fantasizing about what it might be like to do that kind of thing, to suddenly step on there is odd.”
  • Do not like being the center of attention: definitely an “I” trait. This can be a tricky thing to identify in a celebrity, because either way they have to get used to being the center of attention. Upon observation of JBF, however, I’ve found that she appears shy in front of a camera. I also found this quote on her website:
    "Just as I was getting out of my car at the Baftas, George Clooney just got out of his car, which was wonderful, because it massively took the pressure off me, and I could just run up the carpet.”
  • Although “Feelers”, they have the problem of thinking too much:
    "…my mind ticks over all the time for possibilities or consequences and I find it quite hard to sort of throw my cares to the wind…”
    "Niall, our director, really encouraged me to keep that simplicity of how I attacked it originally and not to over-analyse it and be natural with it.” (on the subject of the character Emelia in Albatross).
  • Not “rule followers”. Feel rebellious, but not likely to outwardly retaliate.
    "At school I was very studious and, well, not so much that, but I just enjoyed school so much and I loved being there […] and I just enjoyed learning so much. But at the same time, I think I would have loved to have been more rebellious, I was just too afraid.”

So! I did my best there… I’m interested to see what other people think of this. If it’s convincing or complete bullshit. I’ll just summarize by providing some final evidence on how she fits each of the 4 letters.

"Just as I was getting out of my car at the Baftas, George Clooney just got out of his car, which was wonderful, because it massively took the pressure off me, and I could just run up the carpet.”
- Shy, bashful in front of a camera. Not comfortable with being the center of attention.
"She’s at that age where she’s learning who she is and consequently she’s discovering this at a time when women were becoming more vocal and less subservient.”  []
- Often shows an ability to draw connections between characters and events and can easily see and understand “the big picture”.
"I always wear my heart on my sleeve so if you see a little embroidered heart on my clothes, that’s why!”
"I was learning every day. Being able to explore emotions so intimately but with a group of collaborators proved how much I want to [act].”
- Keenly interested in her emotions and the emotions of others. Places a lot of importance on relationships between people. More interested in the emotional journey than the intellectual one. 
Aside from hinting at an enjoyment of spontaneity, I have not been able to find hard evidence for this. I couldn’t find any quotes that specifically showed or suggested “perceiving” characteristics. I only call her an INFP because the qualities of that type suite her better than those of an INFJ.

That’s it! Please tell me what your opinions are, if you have any. And thank you for reading my analysis on Jessica Brown-Findlay…

Q: What’s your favourite aspect of Sybil’s character?
JBF: Her ability to stand by her beliefs even if that means sacrificing something else.